Waiver of consent to participate in photos and written interviews.

By registering to be a participant, you consent to your data, including personal data, if applicable, being processed by Global Climate Partnership Fund SA, SICAV-SIF ("GCPF”) and any of its delegates, such as responsAbility Investments AG, for the purposes of administering the Global Climate Partnership Award 2023 ("GCPF Award”) (“Data”) in accordance with the processes and procedures set forth under the GCPF Award guidelines and related documents, the commitment agreement with the GCPF and the issue document of the GCPF, as applicable. Additionally, by registering to be a participant you consent the Data, including but not limited to, photos and written statements for printed and electronic follow-up materials that summarize and highlight key points from the GCPF Award, which may be established at the discretion of the GCPF or its delegates, being used for the purposes of publication to the general public and media coverage.

In addition, you agree to not post information on social media relating to the event, without prior consent.

Terms and conditions. Please review and agree to the following:

I agree to share pitch with jury (for all applicants)
I agree to share pitch with GCPF Shareholders (for winner)
I agree to document and share with GCPF achievements with respect to the implementation of the award concept after 1 year (for winner)
I agree to share concept idea publicly after 1 year (for all applicants)