Power of innovation

We want to help you win. The 2023 Award has a series of resources and learning activities that can support the creation, development and submission of your application. Take advantage of these resources today.​

What is innovation?​

Developing an innovative idea can mean many different things. Here is a quick primer on ideas of innovation.​

A process

Innovation is a process of creating new ideas or models to improve products, process, and performance.

A solution

Innovation looks at the current problems in a new way, to create a solution that has greater impact or performance.

A new paradigm

Innovation is not easy ; it often requires that teams ‘think out of the box’ or using a new paradigm that ignores the current system.

A new idea

Although innovation seeks to generates fresh new ideas, it also includes a process of analysis to ensure that investing in the new idea improves impact.

A viable plan

Innovation is never realized without a plan for viability and integration into the existing system.

A new growth

Innovative ideas result in measurable expansion, and growth that the existing system cannot generate​.

Get Innovative – Online Webinar

You will learn how to think creatively and develop your project for submission.​

Video (english version)

Video (spanish version)

"Power of Learning" resource from the webinar

Need Coaching Help?

Customized coaching sessions are available during the award process to support your journey.​ ​ Get in touch with our coach and get feedback on your ideas, help to innovate, and pitch to the jury.​

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Where can I learn more?

Do you need to learn more?​ There are many resources available to help you and your team think about innovation and also about best practices in climate finance.​

Check out our handpicked list of resources below

Innovation tools and resources to get you started

  • IDEO is a reference when it comes to responsible design, innovation... they have a set of tools and books on their website that people can navigate
  • more advanced exercises to inspire ideation / facilitate brainstorming: Innovationlab
  • Article about how to manage the innovation process (ownership) to get the process started
  • (extensive) summary of the innovation process using double diamond approach
  • HBR is THE source of  tips about leadership, culture change, etc, they have a podcast page and they can filter per topic
  • Stanford also has one more for entrepreneurship highly recommended ^^