GCPF stakeholders with different perspectives on green lending will assess your application along the key criteria for each category. The five jury members can draw on extensive field experience in the successful implementation of green lending as well as in structuring and developing green lending markets. The jury’s expertise substantiates the rigorous award process. The jury members guarantee a transparent process and the sound evaluation of all applications.

Judith Brandsma

Member GCPF Investment Committee

Judith Brandsma has been a member of GCPF’s Investment Committee since 2015. She has over 20 years of experience in financial sector development around the globe, including at the World Bank and as an independent advisor to international development finance institutions. Judith has served on the Board of Directors of several MSME banks.

Judith is associated with various impact investment funds, focusing amongst others on independent media, financial inclusion and access to education.

Luke Franson

Head Green Lending, GCPF

Luke Franson leads financial institution investments for GCPF. He has over a decade of experience pushing the limits of green finance in developing economies and continues to champion new and innovative structures to develop this market. In addition, Luke has led a number of project finance transactions for renewable energy projects, experiences that underline the specific challenges of green lending in an emerging market context. He holds a masters degree in Global Finance and Economic Integration from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

Antoine Prédour

Antoine Prédour

Head of Energy Debt, responsAbility investments A.G.

Antoine has over 15 years of experience in investments (debt & equity), business development, fund management and credit risk management. He has extensive knowledge of business practices in developing countries, including completing due diligence in more than 30 countries.

He holds a degree in business engineering from UCL Mons, a European master of Microfinance from Solvay Brussels School and is a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA).

Kate Robinson

Climate Finance Expert, United Kingdom

Kate Robinson manages a wide range of climate finance funds ranging from multi-billion Pound donor funds to specialist technical assistance and green finance funds.  She specializes on the use of innovative climate finance funds to increase private investment in low carbon technologies for developing markets.

Dileepa Samarasinghe

Dileepa Samarasinghe

Green Lending & International Finance Consultant

Dileepa has hands on experience in green lending, financial product development and raising international finance in the Sri Lankan banking sector. He has also been one of the core group members driving the Sri Lanka Sustainable Banking Initiative. He thereafter ventured as an independent consultant in the same areas, and is working with reputed International and Sri Lankan private sector organizations. He is also a corporate trainer in communication and leadership.

Dileepa holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University Nottingham–Malaysia Campus, and is currently reading for a Masters in Environmental Science from the Open University of Sri Lanka.