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How to apply?

Step 1

  • Understand the submission criteria.
  • Identify a specific achievement, which contributes to advancing the green finance agenda.
  • This should be an activity that has already been implemented.

Step 2

  • Tell us your success story using the fillable PPT.
  • Make use of the webinar (on April 18th, 2024) & coaching services (ongoing with Ayscha) to develop your success story.

Step 3

  • Submit your success story by latest June 30, 2024.

Submission criteria

Climate finance relevance

  • The winning activity should have a direct link to and contributes positively to climate action.
  • This means that it contributed to a larger strategy, is applicable to investments, or contributes to creating a solid infrastructure to enable ESG, and so on.
  • It should not be a pure CSR activity, only focussed on reporting, or happened only once and thus has no potential for scaling.
  • The size of the activity does not play a role. Its impact however does.

Scaling to long-term success

  • The winning activity should not have a limited life span, but instead carries relevance for the future and plays a continuous role in defining climate action.
  • In other words, there should be a balance between cost, impact and future viability.
  • It can mean that sometimes, a lot of effort resulted in small but meaningful impact. Other times, very limited resources resulted in considerable impact.
  • What matters is that the effort and resources invested were proportional to the impact that was achieved.

Submission criteria

Ecosystem engagement

  • The winning activity should have impacted an internal or external ecosystem and its stakeholders and resulted in positive, actionable changes.
  • Internal can mean that the activity had an impact on staff and resulted in concrete actions (in other words, people changed the way in which they did something).
  • External can mean that the activity impacted people beyond the institution and resulted in concrete actions (in other words, people changed the way in which they did something).

Learning journey

  • The winning activity should reflect specific lessons learned that will inform future actions / activities of this nature.
  • A reflection on the journey highlights what was done, what stood out and what was learned.
  • Elaborating on minimal requirements and key success factors that play a role in the implementation of such an activity, forms an important part in the reflection process.

How to start

  • Carefully read the submission criteria and make sure that you understand them fully.
  • Take a look at the fillable PPT to understand what information is required.
  • Review the timeline and deadline for submission and plan accordingly.

Choose your activity

  • Pick an activity / initiative / project that you have implemented and that presents a concrete achievement in green finance.
  • Carefully consider which activity to pick. There should be a direct linkage between your achievement and the mission of your institution.
  • If you are unsure about what to pick, consult internally amongst colleagues and make an appointment with the coach to discuss further.

Tell us your story

  • Use the fillable PPT and follow the instructions on each slide.
  • Refrain from adding more information or slides than requested.
  • Be creative and use photos to document your achievement / visualise your story (you can replace all photos in the PPT with your own).
  • Note that language does not represent a barrier. You are welcome to put quotes or specific information that you feel difficult to translate in your own language and ask the coach (fluent in English, French, Spanish and German) to assist you with the translation.

Evidence your story

  • Make sure that you can back up all the information provided in the PPT in front of the jury.
  • Simply state the facts, and evidence them – photos and testimonials can help you in doing so.
  • Understand that you are communicating to a panel of judges who will be seeing your work for the first time. Therefore, ensure that you provide enough context and keep the information simple and accessible.

Make use of additional resources

  • Participate in the one-hour webinar on April 18th, 2024 to learn more about the award process and what is required from your side.
  • Learn more about how to submit a compelling success story that highlights a unique achievement. You will also receive useful tips on storytelling and learn how to inspire action in the readers imagination.
  • Schedule one or two sessions with the coach to discuss your activity and to go through the fillable PPT prior to submission.

Consider the deadline

  • Don’t leave submission to the last minute.
  • Schedule a few sessions with the team between now and June that are dedicated to developing your success story.


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