Reach the peak

The 2023 Award brings many benefits beyond the financial prize. The new Award will help build your green team’s capacity for teamwork, creative thinking and project development with learning resources, coaching and webinars.

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Gear up
New Award Concept

In the past, the Award has supported existing projects, but this year, we want your institution to think out of the box and submit an innovative new project that can make more impact. Both Energy Companies and Financial Institutions are eligible this year.

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Go deeper
Innovation Coaching

We are here to provide support during the Award application process so that you feel motivated and supported to do something innovative and different.​

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Discover the unknown
Power of innovation

We have prepared a series of resources and learning activities that can support the creation, development and submission of your application.

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…well, are you now ready to win?

Check out the respective videos below if you are an FI or Energy company.

Video for financial institutions

Video for energy companies