Application and award process

The GCPF is one of the world’s largest climate funds. In 2020, the Global Climate Partnership Award will recognize the outstanding innovation efforts from our Partner Institutions in promoting green finance.

We are eager to learn about the innovations you tested and to showcase your achievements and learnings.


Innovation topics could include for instance:

  • Original solutions in enabling robust carbon accounting
  • Fintech applications for scaling green lending
  • Innovative awareness raising or marketing measures to promote green technologies
  • New approaches to mainstream E&S risk management
  • New green products or industry collaboration.

Be creative!


Who can apply?

The Award is open to all institutions that have entered into a partnership with the Global Climate Partnership Fund.

When is the deadline?

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday 30th September 2020, 23:59 GMT.

How can I apply?

You can upload your application via our application system. Your completed application must contain the elements described in the checklist:

What is an innovation?

Any initiative that goes beyond business as usual and helps promote green lending and raise awareness on the benefits on energy efficiency and renewable energy is eligible.

What is Green Lending?

GCPF defines Green Lending as financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Eligible projects cover different sectors and loan sizes. Energy efficiency projects: Eligible projects must provide projected energy savings and/or CO2 emissions reductions of at least 20%. Renewable energy projects: Most commercially viable renewable energy generation technologies are eligible for financing, with the exception of bioliquid or biofuel production. GCPF targets renewable energy projects for the retail market, such as home solar systems, as well as small-scale renewable generation plants.

Does the initiative have to be at a specific implementation stage?

Any innovation undertaken during the last 2 years may be presented in the competition. In case the results of the initiative are not measurable yet, the expected impact based on the likelihood and relevance of the innovation is to be described. In this case, please describe your underlying assumptions. The innovation must have been developed within the last 2 years.

How will my entry be reviewed?

Our jury will review your entry. All documents that are submitted will be treated as confidential and only shared between members of the jury to allow them to carefully evaluate the entry.


* mandatory information


General Information

Details about the applicant(s), and the organisation and agency involved (if applicable).

Short portrait about your institution and its green lending experience (max. 200 words)*

You may provide some additional information using the following fields:

Short description about the green lending challenge and its relevance (max. 250 words)

Explanation why the pursued solution is original (max. 100 words)

Detailed explanation of the implementation process (max. 250 words)

Description of achievements (i.e. outcome measured in terms of new lending, carbon reduction, market outreach or the like) - max. 300 words

Available budget for the initiative and other resources / capacities (in USD) - max. 100 words

Reflections about scalability / replicability / lessons learned (max. 300 words)

Your priority for innovation topics for the 2020 GCP Award Prize


Include max. four editorial pictures that best illustrate your initiative.

Supporting material

Supporting material illustrating the main points should be carefully selected. There is a limit of three supporting documents such as for instance:

  1. Project description including key parameters (max 10 pages)
  2. Planning documents (max. 10 pages)
  3. PowerPoint presentation should be of no more than 15 slides (ideally convert into .pdf format)

You may also provide links to videos of the project.


You can specify up to three links to websites, social media platforms, intranet sites or online videos.

Please add 7 and 9.