Application and award process

  • The GCPF is one of the world’s largest climate funds. Its Global Climate Partnership Award recognizes outstanding performance and impact in a series of categories.
  • These categories include capacities and skills, institutional capacities, and green lending offerings, as well as outstanding energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.
  • A jury composed of four subject matter experts will select the financial institution that achieves the best score in all categories.
  • The Award winner will be acknowledged in GCPF publications and will have the right to use the title “GCPF Award Winner 2019” for one year! The award ceremony will take place in Tbilisi on the 13th June 2019.
  • Additionally, the winner will have the opportunity to participate in the “Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy 2019”
    of The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt.


Who can apply?

The Global Climate Partnership Award is open to all financial institutions that have entered into a partnership with the Global Partnership Fund (GCPF).

When is the deadline?

Applications must be submitted by 30 april 2019.

How can I apply?

You can upload your application via our application system. Your completed application must contain the elements described in the checklist:

Can I enter an initiative in more than one category?

You can submit an entry for as many categories as you like, although this does not automatically increase your chances for the award. Please note that the award goes to only to one initiative. If two initiatives have the same number of points, the institution that has applied in more categories wins.

Does the initiative have to be at a specific implementation stage?

Any initiative undertaken during the timeframe of your partnership with GCPF may be presented in the competition. The initiative does not need to have been completed.  

How will my entry be reviewed?

Our expert team will review your entry (checking of additional material, links, files, complete application form etc.). Please note that we won’t check the content of your application at this point of time. The initial review of the entry is no guarantee that it will be nominated or will win the award. All documents that are submitted will be treated as confidential and only shared between members of the jury to allow them to carefully evaluate the entry.


* mandatory information


General Information

Details about the applicant(s), and the organisation and agency involved (if applicable).

You may provide some additional information using the following fields:


Include max. four editorial pictures that best illustrate your initiative.

Supporting material

Supporting material illustrating the main points should be carefully selected. There is a limit of three supporting documents:

  1. One document: project profile including key parameters
  2. Planning documents
  3. PowerPoint presentation of no more than 15 slides (ideally convert into .pdf format)

You may also provide links to videos of the project.


You can specify up to three links to websites, social media platforms, intranet sites or online videos.

Please calculate 8 plus 7.